It seems as though 190 vaping flavours was just too many to keep contained in one store.

That's why Evapo has chosen to open up shop in 7-9 Crown Hill this Saturday (January 25).

The company already has 25 stores across the country, including one in the Whitgift Centre, but CEO Andrej Kuttruf says there is more demand than ever.

"The range of flavours is the exciting part about it all," he said.

"Around 20 years ago you bought one packet at the corner store and that was all you had.

"Now there are so many flavours on offer, you can try a different one every week."

With 190 flavours to choose from at the new store, there were bound to be a few wackier tastes.

Mr Kuttruf confirmed those suspicions.

"There is pancake, waffle ice cream flavour, caramel coffee mix and even grapefruit, just to name a few," he said.

"The Whitgift store is trading strongly at the moment, but we wanted something closer to the High Street."

But what makes the stores so successful.

Mr Kuttruf puts it down to their personal touch.

"We always try to improve and learn from our store openings as a lot depends on the team in store," he said

"It’s important to build relationships with customers and many we now know on a first name basis."

Letting people try the flavours before they buy might also helps.