The basement of a Croydon town centre car park could soon be turned into a new pop-up nightclub, but not everyone is happy about the prospect.

The new venue, called Underground 2018, would operate out of the basement of Q-Park, the Surrey Street car park.

According to an application submitted by events company Cellar Door Promotions, the space will only be used as a live entertainment venue three days a month.

"The format will operate as a pop up dry use event space," the application said.

"The ambition is to also encourage social use of the site on the weekends.

"The peak time use of the site will be in the evenings where events, which will eventually form part of Croydon's 'Borough of Culture' bid programme, will take place at dusk once the sun has set and utilisation of the basement of the car park is at its lowest."

But councillor for Fairfield ward, Helen Pollard, isn't so sure the nightclub will be good for the area.

"Bearing in mind the proximity to homes, it's clear that residents will be impacted by this," she said.

"There are already some issues with anti-social behaviour in the area.

"So to increase the prospect of this without really talking to residents isn't right.

"There also isn't a guarantee that events won't be more frequent than three or four times a month."

According to the application, events will take place after 9pm and will be finished by 11pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2am on Thursdays, 4am on Fridays and Saturdays and midnight on Sundays.

Cllr Pollard thinks 4am is too late for the nightclub to stay open.

"If it wasn't open until four in the morning then I think I could be in favour of it," she said.

"I think 11pm would be good enough.

"At the end of the day people are living in the town centre so they can expect some kid of disruption, but not to this extent."

The application was approved by the council on Christmas Day. This means the venue will be able to open any night of the week once it opens, which is planned to happen in February.

Cllr Pollard is asking that people opposed to the idea sign a petition (here) to stop the bar being opened.