A seven-year-old Kingston girl has been growing her hair for 20 months to donate it to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

Emilia Stanley, who attends St John’s C of E Primary School, will be donating her long, blonde locks to The Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs to those who have lost theirs due to illness, on January 24 in a school assembly.

Mum Donna said: “Emilia decided to do this because she felt sad for the children who lose their hair because of cancer treatment.

“After me mentioning to her that I knew a little girl who did it, she decided that it would be a good idea.

“Emilia had a dodgy mole removed from her leg last year in St George's hospital and that really brought home to our family how easily it could have been that the person needing the wig was Emilia.”

Emilia is feeling “excited” about having her hair cut, although the rest of the family are feeling a bit nervous.

Donna said: “My husband and son are feeling apprehensive about Emilia's haircut as she has beautiful thick blonde hair which they are very fond of.

“I am extremely proud of her and know that it will grow back.

“In a world where a lot of girls are preoccupied with their appearance Emilia is thinking more about how she could help others feel confident in their looks than herself.

“She is having it cut into a bob, not shaved as Jessie J did.”

Once the charity receives the hair its cost £350-500 to make the wig, so the family really wanted to raise money as well.

To support Emilia in her efforts, you can donate on her Just Giving page.

Emilia has raised £380 so far.