January 2018

To The Surrey Comet

This week a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while, sent me a link to your paper featuring readers in your New Year edition in 2003 and asking them to get in touch. I was one of those people which is why she forwarded it on, but what she didn’t know was just how significant this was.

The article in question featured Surrey residents who had been stopped on the street and asked what the highlight of their year had been. I had replied ‘My holiday in Malta was probably the best moment of the year so far. We went with the family over the summer and we visited my dad who lives over there’.

The reason this is so significant, is that on Christmas Eve, my dad, Steve Brown, died after a short battle with lung cancer, so seeing this in the Surrey Comet this week was both emotional and very special.

My Dad was an amazing man. He worked in the music and entertainment industry for most of his career and worked with artists including Elton John, KiKi Dee, Ralph McTell and Billy Connolly.

However, when me and my sisters were little, he took a career break and we moved to a remote farmhouse in Kent, where he self taught himself to run a working farm giving us an idyllic childhood.

He moved to Malta in 2002 and we visited him most summers. He moved back to the UK in 2016.

Thank you for reminding me of the many happy summers we spent together.

Corrie Bryant

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