Hundreds of kids have been roaming around Caterham Valley in recent weeks, all in search of special "mischievous elves."

The town’s first ever 'Christmas Elves Takeover' saw 20 handmade characters scattered in shop windows for kids to find.

Now that the elf hunt is over, Arthur Hopkins, 4, Mia Brown, 5, Seren Cunningham, 8 and Jake Connor, 12 have all been announced as the competition's winners

The event wasn't just a hit with the kids either, as shop owner even got a bit of Christmas cheer from it all.

“The Elf Takeover brought hundreds of people into the town and we have had amazing feedback from families and businesses in Caterham Valley,” said chairman of Caterham Valley For You, Andrew Browne.

“This initiative has been a great way for people to get to know their way around Caterham Valley and to become more familiar with the wonderful shops and the facilities we have here.”