Seven residents associations and an MP have come out in opposition of a Purely skyscraper as a review into the building's viability gets underway.

An independent review of the proposed 17-storey skyscraper began this week as people called the design "out of character" with the area of Purley.

In total, 220 flats would be built as part of the development, which would also include two other buildings, each 3-8 storeys in height.

In a joint statement between seven local residents associations (Riddlesdown, Sanderstead, Kenley and District, Hartley & District,

Coulsdon West, East Coulsdon and Old Coulsdon Residents’ Associations), the prospect of the building was labelled a "missed opportunity" for the town, if it was to go ahead.

"The proposal does not present convincing evidence as to why the 'landmark' buildings as proposed at 17 and 8 stories are appropriate, particularly given their size and massing in relation to the existing Purley townscape," the statement said.

"In particular, it is not clear how the proposal will form a positive relationship with the form and character of surrounding buildings in the Purley District Centre (PDC) or indeed how it will enhance the public realm (including landscape features) at street level."

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The proposed skyscraper was granted planning permission by Croydon Council last year. However intervention by the Government meant that the decision was “called in” and is now under review by an Independent Planning Inspector.

The statement from the residents association's also questioned how the building would help the economy of the area.

"Both sites are key regeneration opportunities for the PDC and the broader urban area which are critical to the future development of Purley," it said.

"As proposed, the scheme does not clearly demonstrate its potential long term economic impact or regeneration benefits.

For example, how will it improve the viability and vitality of PDC given the impact that the Tesco development has had on the town centre?"

As well as opposition from the residents associations, 10,000 people have also signed a petition against the proposal.

MP for Croydon South Chris Philp spoke at the first day of the hearing and cited a lack of parking spaces and a risk of flooding as reasons that, he too, opposed the building in its current form.

Speaking outside the hearing, Chris Philp said: “This is our last chance to stop this out of place and potentially damaging skyscraper from going ahead.

“The level of opposition to this proposal has been made very clear to the council and the developers.

"The land needs redeveloping, but the proposal being brought forwards is completely wrong for the area.

“At 17 storeys this skyscraper is completely out of keeping with a quiet town like Purley. A smaller design, of say 5-7 storeys would be far more appropriate.

“There are other problems as well. The current design is fundamentally flawed and is at serious risk of flooding, and the level of parking is totally inadequate – it would put a major strain on existing parking spaces.”

The hearing is expected to continue until Wednesday, January 17, and a final decision is expected in the following months.