Tiny children can rejoice - gone are the days of three-year-olds reaching into their pockets to pay for their drink in Costa.

The coffee shop chain has announced its popular babyccinos will now be free.

For those of you who are not aficionados of the popular drink, a babyccino is lightly frothed milk in a tiny cup, perfect for those toddlers who have had a busy day.

The drink previously cost 55p, which I think we will all agree is a lot for a toddler, they’re not made of money.

There is also a mini hot chocolate available with a choice of a flake or a marshmallow, but this will still be 55p.

Good luck getting near a Costa now with the stampede of small children this exciting news will create.

If your kids are fans of Starbucks instead, it too is reportedly offering small cups of warm milk for free.