Elderly residents living in sheltered accommodation in Putney were left housebound over Christmas after a lift stopped working.

The only lift in the three-storey Oak House has been out of action since before December 25 with some residents saying they were stuck and unable to visit their families on Christmas Day.

Raymond Bryce, 71, who lives in Oak house, said that four of his neighbours had been stuck and unable to visit family over Christmas. He also stayed in his own flat on Christmas day.

But Raymond, who doesn’t have any acute mobility problems, admitted he could have left to spend Christmas with his daughter, but was worried he would struggle to walk back up the stairs.

He said: “My daughter came over and brought Christmas stuff on Boxing Day. My daughter was upset. I can get out, but it takes so long going up and down it puts you off.”

Other residents with mobility problems, who live on the upper floors, have reported issues carrying shopping or doing their washing in the basement laundrette.

Paragon Asra (PA) housing, which works with local authorities to rent and sell homes to the over 55s, rents out sheltered housing flats to residents at Oak House who also pay service charges. Residents live independently, unlike in care homes providing medical assistance.

They can speak to a representative once a week or can ring reception to report any problems. But some residents, including Raymond, were unable to speak to anyone on the reception phone number during the festive period. Raymond said: “They should have a warden full time like they used to. You could get something sorted with them.”

Andy Neill, 63, whose Mum Sheila, 92, is an Oak house resident, was also angry at the lack of response he has received so far. He said: “I have emailed the building. I have tried to contact Paragon, but they seem useless.” He still hasn’t been informed when the lift will be fixed.

Mr Neill normally uses the lift to take his Mum, who uses a wheelchair, out to visit Putney High Street. She hasn’t been able to leave her flat since before Christmas.

He said: “She is stuck in all day. She’s sitting around bored. If the lift was working, she would go in the community garden. It’s a nightmare for her. My mum wants to keep her independence.”

He said he is unable to carry his Mum, who suffers from osteoporosis, down the building’s stairs. He said: “I don’t want to carry her down because she’s very frail. The wheelchair is not made for going up and down lifts.”

PA Housing said it is working with residents and has been informing them of any new updates.

A statement released last Friday said: “We will continue to work with residents, especially those who may have any mobility needs to ensure they are given the support they require. We would like to apologise to all of our residents living at Oak house for the disruption this has caused, and thank them for their patience and understanding as we rectify the problem.”