Richmond Council has asked residents to highlight any issues they feel need to be scrutinised in the borough.

If it is clear a topic is a major concern in the borough, it will be brought before a scrutiny panel and debated by councillors.

Past reviews have included domestic abuse, cemetery space and development of residential basements.

Councillor Grant Healy, chairman of scrutiny said: “Scrutiny Panels are designed to dig into issues, look at evidence, speak to experts and make recommendations for improving decision making and services.

“They also allow councillors to ask questions on behalf of the public to achieve better value for money or deliver major change in the borough.

“This is your chance to let us know which issues matter to you and what you think deserves a closer look.

“If you do want to suggest a topic I encourage you to do so before the deadline.”

To suggest a topic, complete an online form or email before February 23.