With a snow machine in her front yard and enough lights to brighten up all of Caterham, you would be hard pressed to find someone who loves Christmas as much as Tracey Gould.

But there's a special reason why dozens of people have gathered at her house each of the past three years.

"We started putting a few lights up just for our pleasure as we love Xmas," Mrs Gould said.

"My youngest daughter asks me nearly every day to take her outside to see our display.

"About three years ago we then decided to have a gathering to switch the lights on just inviting our friends and family an excuse to see everyone. "My friend had a still born baby the year before so we asked for donations for the Sands Charity and raised £120."

The family then moved to Caterham where they continued to dazzle their neighbours, and more importantly, continued to raise money.

"We had a bigger house and driveway so we had to put the lights up for the kids, the display got bigger last year," Mrs Gould said.

"Then we invited/advertised it with our friends and the kids' schools and word of mouth sent people to our switch on event.

"We also put the snow machine on Xmas eve and was shocked at how many people we didn’t know turned up.

"We raised money for Help For Heroes and made £760 from the switch on event and snow machine event."

This time around was another big showing at the Manor Avenue household as a day of mince pies, mulled wine and fireworks alone raised £380.

Add that with the money made from the weekend's snow machine fun and it was another successful year for the Christmas loving family.

"The kids love the snow machines they go mad in it and have the best time," she said.

"It’s nice to give the kids a white Xmas as I don’t ever remember one.

"Family, giving and love is what Christmas is about and nobody should be hungry or homeless at this special time."

If you missed out on getting down there this year, don't fret as she said next year's events and display will be even bigger and better.