“I wish you a cancerous new year”, “you’re a nasty racist man” and “f**k you” - those were among the greetings contained in a Christmas card send to Richmond's MP.

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative MP for Richmond Park, was sent the card from a group of anti-Brexit campaigners, No 10 Vigil, concerned with his stance on Brexit.

Despite Richmond Park being a largely pro-remain constituency, Mr Goldsmith won his seat back from Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney in the 2017 election.

Other messages included:

“Can we have Sarah Olney back please, you’re a total disgrace.

“You won’t last long and nor will Brexs**t.

“I campaigned against you! I’m not even from Richmond.

“We love Sarah. Please rethink your Brexit stance- it is making you exceptionally unpopular.

“More than 45 people in Richmond Park are unhappy about Brexit.

“Shame on you, stop Brexit.”

The MP has described the card as “threatening” and “offensive”.

Mr Goldsmith said: “In my first two elections locally, this sort of thing simply never happened.

“There were lots of disagreements, but they were civilised.

“Politics has completely changed since the by-election last year, and I don’t think a week goes by without my office receiving messages of this sort.

“The idea that it’s OK to be threatening or offensive to someone you disagree with is not only stupid, it is counterproductive."

A spokeswoman for the pro-Remain group said: “No 10 Vigil has many members who express themselves in wide ranging ways.

“The purpose of the card was to break through the illusion that Remainers have given up.

“Some are angry and upset and feel that the rug has been pulled from the plans they had for their lives, and some will express that anger very strongly.

“We agree that some of the language and content is strong but will not censor what people choose to say.

“If Zac would like to discuss this he is welcome to arrange to join us at the vigil.

“We cannot see anything threatening in the messages and would point out that the main message references our anti Brexit stance and his incredibly slender majority in a Remain constituency.

“My team asks that Zac reflects on his comments about the London Mayor a while.

“We sent many more cards to Remain supporting MPs to thank them, the proportion was about 10 to one.”

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