Sutton Council has paid out more than half a million pounds in compensation claims since 2015, new figures obtained by Sutton Guardian have revealed.

One of the payouts in 2017 came from an incident with a trampoline, while five more since 2015 related to incidents at play areas.

Sutton Guardian's request for a case by case study was denied, so it is unclear how much money was paid out for each claim or the circumstances of them.

Considerably more compensation was distributed in 2015 and 2016 compared to this year.

In 2015 - 216,540.75 was paid out in compensation by Sutton Council.

In 2016 this number rose to £276,912.66.

However, this year £84,633.63 of compensation was paid out.

Sutton Guardian has asked the Sutton Insurance team whether more money is scheduled to be paid out this year but we are still awaiting an answer.

Five compensation claims were paid in the last three years in relation to a play area.

Tree roots were the cause of the most number of compensation cases with 17 incidents recorded in 2015, 16 the following year and five in 2017.

Potholes in Sutton also resulted in eight pay outs in 2015.

Responding to the Sutton data, Chloe Westley, campaign manager at the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "The compensation culture is costing taxpayers dear and every pound spent on settlements or higher insurance premiums is a pound that isn't spent on essential services such as road maintenance or social care.

"Of course, some of the payments made by councils will be entirely justified, as the most serious accidents can change lives.

"But in many cases, local authorities and their staff will be failing to live up to the standards required of them by law or paying out on frivolous claims too easily."

A Freedom of Information request to Dartford Council revealed that they paid out no money in compensation in the last three years.

By comparison, Croydon Council paid out £1.1 million in 2015/2016 and £2.9 million in 2016/2017.

A total of 157 compensation cases have resulted in Sutton Council payouts in the previous three years.