A film by a young production company based in Wimbledon has been selected for a film festival in Texas.

MTN films' web series ‘Deteriorate’ has been selected for the ‘Webisode Festival’.

The web series follows a young boy fighting a disease which changes his life forever, seeing the different challenges that the character has to face.

Brandon Novis, actor and producer for MTN and from Wimbledon, started acting five years.

MTN films was established in 2016 and since then they have completed over four projects in 2017.

Mr Novis, who starred as Mark in the series, said: “Filming has always been a passion of ours and with our hard work we hope to produce a project that can be screened internationally on a high level.”

He added: “Acting is a fun process and requires much energy for example I lost 6kg and shaved my head for the role of Mark.”

The team aged between 17 to 19 years old have big aspirations and are aiming to work on blockbuster films.

Mr Novis said: “Coming from Wimbledon, the team’s aspiration is to make content that will be recognised in LA and played on the big screen working alongside the biggest names in the industry of film.

“My future aspirations in acting is to reach Hollywood and get my work recognised worldwide, we started making a short film and then we realised the potential we have.”

He added: “It is very exciting to be selected by the film festival as it is our first one and we hope that more festivals notice us. We aim to win a festival however getting our content played in Texas is great on its own.”