"It was a lot tougher than I expected," admitted a relieved Dave Goodings days after broadcasting the longest ever underwater radio show.

The 23-year-old Radio Marsden presenter - who also works at Kiss FM - has volunteered for the cancer hospital's station since 2010.

He explained to Sutton Guardian: "We go around the wards and collect requests from patients and then go back to the studio and play their chosen songs. Nine times out of ten we get a thank you back.

"It is a powerful thing because it can remind them of a happy time. It can take their mind away from a difficult situation or from their treatment."

Dave has also raised thousands for The Royal Marsden over the years - generating £5,000 to save its radio station in 2013 on an episode of Deal or No Deal.

On Sunday, December 10, Dave attempted his biggest challenge yet, as he beat the previously held record of five hours and six minutes for an underwater radio broadcast.

"The reaction has been crazy," he said after presenting underwater for five hours and 22 minutes. "ITV and Sky News covered it on the day; it is mad to think a local radio show made national news. It was a unique challenge to say the least."

In July 2016, a YouTube video went viral after Dave surprised his nan with thoughtful birthday to remember.

His nan returned the surprise last weekend when she unexpectedly arrived to the underwater studio in Basildon to cheer him on.

He recalled: "I got a bit emotional. Nobody could see that because I was surrounded by so much water. It was a really nice surprise. Sometimes during a challenge like that it gives you a boost of energy and keeps you going and motivates you even more.

"Beforehand I had only done one test day, which lasted half an hour underwater. I remember thinking it was quite easy but on the day it was more of a mental challenge.

"It might look easy from the outside. But five hours is a long time. The last hour I found the toughest and it was quite uncomfortable.

"Getting out was a relief."

So far over £1,800 has been raised - just short of the £2,000 target.

You can lend your support to Radio Marsden through the JustGiving page here.