A man who was badly beaten by burglars in his own home has launched a campaign to save Wimbledon police station, saying he wouldn't be here today if officers hadn't reached him so quickly.

Paul Kohler was attacked in his home in Kings Road in 2014. Now he is trying to raise £5,000 needed for a judicial review against the decision to close the station in Queens Road.

The 55-year-old said: "I would be very concerned at the closing of the police station for had the attack occurred after closure I simply would not be here to tell the tale.

“It took them eight minutes to arrive rather than the 20 or more minutes it would take had they been coming from Mitcham station.

"One cannot simply rely on the happen chance of a patrol being on the streets nearby when an emergency arises which is why we should not be shutting Wimbledon police station.”

He added: "Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to the two officers who ran into my house to rescue me from the attack before back up arrived."

Wimbledon is one of 37 police stations that face closure following an announcement by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, which will save around £8 million.

Wimbledon station and 36 others in the capital are closing as well as front counters.

Find the petition at https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/save-londons-police-stations/