Veolia will continue to manage Croydon's waste service for the long term future after a new contract was announced.

One notable element to the contract is the stricter targets imposed on Veolia. They will now be expected to clear 100 per cent of fly-tips within 24 hours compared to the current rate of 87 per cent in 48 hours.

There is also to be no more than 30 missed bin collections per 100,000 properties instead of the current number of 90.

A year-round green garden waste service will be available under the new contract, which comes into effect next year.

The current green garden waste service only runs from April to November.

Stuart Collins, deputy leader of Croydon Council, commented: "This new deal will give our residents improved street cleaning and better waste and recycling collections, whether that's bins, year-round grass cuttings or a used Christmas tree.

"This contract is important because it sets tougher targets for our contractor to stick to, and I look forward to them delivering a much-improved service across the borough."

An investment of £9.6 million has been promised for new vehicles, containers and for refurbishing the depot.

Improvements to Croydon's street cleaning service will save £5 million per year in taxpayer money and will boost recycling, according to the council.

This contract condition, which comes into force on March 4, 2018, will result in Veolia workers cleaning footpaths, pavements and housing estates in Croydon.