More than 100 hours of work have gone into setting up a Ewell family’s Christmas lights, which they are using to raise money to help a young boy have a better life.

The Facey family, of Chessington Road, have lit up their house like this for about 10 years in a row, and this is the third time the lights are being used to raise money.

Two-year-old Vinnie from New Malden, who has type one spinal muscular atrophy, causing progressive loss of movement and weakness as the muscles waste away, will be supported this year.

Carla Facey said: “I asked people on social media, and Vinnie was one of the children who was nominated. We want to help give him a better quality of life. He’s a lovely little boy.

“I met his mum for coffee before deciding. I have three healthy children, and when you listen to the struggles of a parent of a child like Vinnie, you just want to do what you can to help.”

The money will go towards specialised equipment, physio sessions and his dietary requirements.

It was Carla’s husband Steve who put the hours in during November to make sure the lights were ready for the grand switch-on.

Carla, said: “The switch-on was an amazing success. More than 200 people came. It was a lovely way to kick off Christmas with music, mince pies, hot chocolate and mulled wine all donated by local businesses.”

Last year the family helped a boy called Harry, who has cerebral palsy.

His parents were trying to raise £10,000 to take him to Canada for physiotherapy, and the Faceys helped them raise nearly £2,000 of that.

The lights are on from 4pm to 9pm, and people are invited to donate in the box outside. The house is in Chessington Road, opposite Hook Road Arena.