Wandsworth Council has enforced restrictions on music being played inside a Putney pub following complaints from several neighbours.

The Half Moon Putney, in Lower Richmond Road, was the subject of an application by 14 residents in the same street, as well as neighbouring Weiss Road, for its license to be reviewed.

The report said: “The applicants state that the premises are giving rise to noise nuisance from the playing of recorded music, particularly given the positions of the DJ station and speakers and the poor sound proofing of the pub – with the exception of the rear room.

“In addition the applicants are concerned that there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour from patrons of the pub and a risk to public safety in view of the inebriation of patrons leaving the premises.”

The claimant, known only as Mr Grubb, submitted the matter on behalf of the concerned neighbours to the council’s licensing committee after believing The Half Moon Putney has failed to prevent crime and disorder, public nuisance and public safety.

Among proposed conditions, they asked the council to cut its hours of selling alcohol by an hour and a half, from Sunday to Thursday, and by three hours on Friday and Saturday, as well as an incident log book for security and incidents.

A council spokesman said: “The Half Moon had recently begun playing loud music from a DJ booth inside the bar area in addition to the live music provided inside their concert venue.

"Whilst this latter part of the building is well sound-proofed, the bar area is not and this meant that neighbours were suffering from noise nuisance late into the night.

"Having received complaints from 14 residents, we raised this issue with the owners who have agreed to stop using the DJ booth in the bar area.

“To make sure that residents living nearby do not suffer undue disturbance in future, the licensing committee made it a condition that no music should be played in the bar area after 8pm.

“The live music venue is unaffected by this change.”

A decision was made after it was considered by the licensing committee on November 28.

Geronimo Inns, which owns The Half Moon Putney, has been approached for comment.