A flat in Sutton caught fire in the early hours of the morning resulting in two people being taken to hospital.

Four fire engines and 20 firefighters were called to the block of flats at Festival Court on Cleeve Way.

Part of a room on the third floor of the block was damaged by the fire.

Residents were alerted to the fire after their smoke alarm went off prompting them to leave and call the fire brigade.

A faulty battery pack charging a laptop over night caused the fire.

Watch Manager, Brennan Healey, said: "Yet again this incident shows how important it is to have a working smoke alarm. If the residents had remained asleep this could have been a very different story.

"Everyone should have at least one working smoke alarm on every level of their home. This will give the earliest warning if there is a fire in your home.

“It appears a lap top had been left plugged in and may have caused this fire. We would always recommend unplugging appliances and chargers when you are not using them, and especially when you go to bed, to help reduce the risk of fire.”

The fire was under control by 2.14am after the firefighters were called at 1.02am.