A new tram timetable is set to shake up the way people travel in and out of Croydon.

Transport for London is looking to adjust the timetable to "balance the service between the different branches" early next year.

The model used before 2006 will once again be implemented in that trams will serve New Addington regularly every 7-8 minutes and run to/from West Croydon (using the loop in Croydon town centre).

Rory O’Neill, TfL’s General Manager for London Trams, said the changes would mean shorter waiting times and more certainty for customers.

“We continue to engage with customers and stakeholders on changes we are planning to the tram timetable," he said.

"Our priority is to deliver the best possible service for our customers and these changes will improve reliability, deliver additional morning and evening services to meet demand and reduce crowding by providing a more even service.”

The main changes to each service are:

New Addington -

• Customers travelling towards Wimbledon will need to change trams at George Street.

• The first two departures in the early morning from New Addington will run through to Wimbledon.

• Trams will run to West Croydon.

East Croydon – Addiscombe - Arena -

• The total number of trams per hour on this part of the network will change slightly (from 22 to 20 at Lebanon Road, for example).

• Trams will run at least every five minutes, rather than any time between two and seven minutes.

Wimbledon -

• Trams will run at least every five minutes, rather than any time between two and eight minutes.

• There will be direct trams between Wimbledon and Elmers End every 10 minutes instead of every 15 minutes

• Trams will run to/from Beckenham Junction instead of New Addington. Customers for New Addington will need to change at Centrale.