The leader of Sutton Council, Ruth Dombey, wants local authorities to have greater autonomy on how they spend their income.

In a public address to the government, the Liberal Democrat councillor expressed Sutton Council’s desire for more financial freedom.

She said: “We are not here to whinge and moan. We are ready to step up to the mark but we need central government to do the same.

“We know all across the country local councils are facing funding cuts. There is less money to go around but we still need to provide all those services people need and Sutton Council is no different.”

According to councillor Dombey, Sutton Council has saved £39 million in the last few years but have another £28 million to deliver by 2020.

Cllr Dombey used the planned London Cancer Hub as an example of where more support is required in order for Sutton and the country to reap future rewards.

She said: “It is going to bring thousands of new jobs into the borough as well as providing a huge boost to the UK economy.

“What is holding us back is our transport infrastructure. Government needs to think about how they can invest in Sutton if they want this project to happen because it is of global significance but we need the government to play their part.

“With more freedoms and more flexibilities local government can be freed up to work out what works best for us locally and to deliver those services in a very different way. That means allowing us to find new ways of raising income and also make our own decision on how we are going to spend that income.

“This is about giving us the freedom to do what is best for our local residents. We are ambitious for Sutton and for people living here. By freeing us up and giving us those flexibilities it can give us a better deal for everyone living here.”

The leader of Sutton Council released her statement ahead of the publication of the chancellor's autumn budget on November 22.