People in Croydon can now rate health and social care services, minutes after using them.

Healthwatch Croydon has relaunched its website with a new ‘TripAdvisor’ style service which lets people give their views on more 500 health and social care services from your phone.

Mayor of Croydon Toni Letts said: “I think it is fantastic that people can give views on services easily rather than just thinking about doing so.”

The review service also works as an information service on over 500 health and social care providers including GPs, hospitals, dentists, pharmacists and care homes. All comments received enter the feedback centre and are treated anonymously, even if users leave name and contact details.

Chief Executive of Healthwatch Croydon, Jai Jayaraman, said: “Our decision to invest in this feedback centre means that we now have a fast and efficient way of capturing the views of Croydon residents in relation to health and social care services.

“Every service users’ view is important and we encourage all service users to post a review - good or bad - as it helps us to identify both good practice and problems in the system.

"Once we analyse these responses we can report to those who buy and deliver services to ensure services meet resident’s needs.”