If you're thinking of eating out this festive season, then there's probably something you should know.

This year alone, 97 restaurants in Croydon were given a 1 or a 0 after food hygiene inspectors from Croydon Council came knocking.

Now with the holidays nearly upon us and eating out becomes more commonplace, what you're eating is more important than ever.

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“When planning where to go, residents and visitors can easily check hygiene ratings online and use that information to choose a restaurant for their Christmas party that takes food hygiene and safety seriously," Councillor Hamida Ali said.

“Christmas is an important time for local businesses.

"A good food hygiene rating is something to be proud of, and the vast majority of Croydon restaurants have a rating of three or above."

But the truth is, you can’t tell a restaurant’s hygiene standards by how clean and tidy the staff look, nor by how busy the place is.

Food inspectors work out hygiene ratings based on the handling of food, including preparation and cooking and storage, the cleanliness of facilities and how the business is managed.

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The scheme works on a 0-5 ranking system, with 5 for establishments rated very good, 4 for good, 3 for generally satisfactory, 2 for improvement necessary, 1 for major improvement necessary and 0 for urgent improvement necessary.

Council also advised that if a green and black sticker is not displayed in the window, or a low rating is shown online, a better-informed choice can be made.

So we've done the hard work for you.

We've compiled all 97 eateries in Croydon that received a 1 and a 0 for their food hygiene rating in 2017.

Click thought the gallery above to see all 20 restaurants/places you can get food in Croydon with a food hygiene rating of 0:

Below is a list of all the restaurants in Croydon with a food hygiene rating of 1 (as rated this year and in no particular order):

1. Adams Cafe, 152 London Road Croydon Surrey

2. African Food Centre, 64 London Road Croydon

3. Amit News, 311 Whitehorse Road Croydon

4. Bakhan Restaurant, 72 London Road Croydon

5. Bensham Local, Shop 102 Bensham Lane Thornton Heath

6. Beydagi Food Centre, 83 London Road Croydon

7. Big Wharf, 34 St George's Walk Croydon

8. Bulgaria Food Centre, 102 Tamworth Road Croydon

9. Cafe Nomad, 1389 London Road Norbury London

10. Camden Coffee House, 1142 Whitgift Centre Croydon Surrey

11. Caprice, 108A High Street Croydon

12. Caribbean Shopping Centre, 385 London Road Croydon

13. Chicken Planet, 54 Canterbury Road Croydon

14. Clifford Stores, 2-4 Clifford Road South Norwood London

15. CR7 Cookout Kitchen, 3 Brigstock Parade London Road Thornton Heath

16. Daddy Roy's Chicken Shack, 36 Green Lane Thornton Heath

17. Delight Kebab, 31 Woodside Green South Norwood

18. Dons Snack Bar, 10 Surrey Street Croydon

19. Eko Tedo Big Mama, 251 Portland Road South Norwood

20. Empire Kebab House, 306 Lower Addiscombe Road Croydon

21. Express Food 'N' Wine, 15A Woodville Road Thornton Heath

22. Family Choice, 333 London Road Croydon

23. Favorite Chicken And Ribs, 125 Windmill Road Croydon

24. Fish N Fry, 109 Parchmore Road Thornton Heath

25. Flavaz First, 3 Commercial Buildings High Street South Norwood

26. Fresh Africa Ltd, 59 London Road Croydon

27. Fresh Fish Of Croydon, 25 Church Street Croydon

28. Hap Lee, 1585 - 1587 London Road Norbury

29. Hot Wok, 38 Godstone Road Kenley

30. Hot Wok, 54 High Street South Norwood London

31. Jam Rock, 9-11 Woodville Road Thornton Heath

32. Jasmine House, 108 Whitehorse Road Croydon

33. Justmark, 50 Thornton Road Thornton Heath

34. Kebabi, 6 Brigstock Parade London Road Thornton Heath

35. Kebabish And Rooster Spot, 748 London Road Thornton Heath

36. L & L Superstore, 228 Brigstock Road Thornton Heath

37. Little Mobay, 95 South End Croydon

38. Lotus, 151 North End Croydon

39. Mantanah Thai Cuisine, 2 Orton Buildings Portland Road South Norwood London

40. MBM Halal Meat, 51 - 53 London Road Croydon

41. Memories Restaurant, 117 Beulah Road Thornton Heath

42. Morleys, 126 Bensham Lane Thornton Heath

43. Morleys, 35 Portland Road South Norwood

44. Morleys, 87 South End Croydon

45. Morleys, 81 High Street Thornton Heath

46. Mu Shui Tasty House, 244 Brigstock Road Thornton Heath

47. Nisa Local, Flat 40 Green Lane Thornton Heath

48. Oriental Kitchen, 26 High Street Purley

49. Orton Chinese Takeaway, 1 Orton Buildings Portland Road South Norwood London

50. Osushi, 47 South End Croydon

51. Pizza Plus Pizza, 2 High Street South Norwood London

52. R & B Fosters, 70 Tamworth Road Croydon

53. R.G.Caribbean Cuisine, 296 High Street Croydon

54. Regina Pizza, 309 Lower Addiscombe Road Croydon

55. Richards Newsagents, 149 North End Croydon

56. Rio Britania, 1503 London Road Norbury London

57. Sankofa Hospitality & Promotions Ltd, 1330A London Road Norbury London

58. Select Supermarket, 230 - 232 London Road Croydon

59. Shadi Bakery, 79 London Road Croydon

60. Spice Land, 212 London Road Croydon

61. Stop By Jamaican Takeway, 1119 London Road Norbury London

62. Subhans, 71 Thornton Road Thornton Heath

63. Sugar & Spice, 5A Woodville Road Thornton Heath

64. Supreme Halal Butchers, 222 London Road Croydon

65. Taj Mahal, 66 Brigstock Road Thornton Heath

66. Tasty Chicken, 238 London Road Croydon

67. Taya Oriental, 12 Russell Hill Road Purley

68. The Green Tandoori & Balti House, 17 Woodside Green South Norwood

69. The Windmill, The Windmill Public House 224 St James's Road Croydon

70. Thines Fried Chicken, 217 Whitehorse Lane South Norwood

71. Trish Snack Bar, Stubbs Mead Depot Factory Lane

72. Wa Yang Yang, 160 Addington Road South Croydon

73. Welcome Friends, 4 Bingham Corner Lower Addiscombe Road Croydon

74. Wing Tai Supermarket, 75-77 Church Street Croydon

75. Wonderland Chinese Ltd, 6 Portland Road South Norwood London

76. Wong Kei Fish Bar, 49 High Street Thornton Heath

77. Cafe Havana, 20 South End Croydon

78. Chave Do Douro, 281 South Norwood Hill South Norwood