Much to the dismay of its regular customers around South Norwood, Tithe's Cafe has closed down for good.

After just eight months on Portland Road, the cafe closed for good on October 8

"We're very sad to announce our last business day as Tithe's Café today (October 8)" the cafe's facebook page said.

"Thank you everyone who have been here to support us during last eight months.

"I do apologise if I couldn't see you again to say good bye."

People were quick to voice their sadness at the revelation.

"That can't be the end Rafiqu, there must be a way forward," one person said.

"Don't give up, you have a big support group here. Sending vibes for courage and will be in touch."

Another said: "Rafiq you are an absolute gentleman and I wish you all the best for the future.

"The kids are going to miss our Sunday's at your cafe. You were so kind and generous to them."

A later comment by the cafe indicated personal reasons were behind the closure.

"Thank you everyone for your empathy and kind support and help shown to me and my family in this hard situation," the cafe wrote.

"Due to my commitments to family, I will not be able to continue my business."