The most used hashtags by borough have been revealed and it doesn't paint a pretty picture for Croydon

#Murder #stabbing #police. That's what people from Croydon are posting on Twitter according to a recent study done by The Original Tour.

The man behind the study said it was in an effort to tackle stereotypes.

"Removing the obvious spam tweets, we’ve analysed the most used hashtags in each borough," Scott Taylor said.

"The idea behind the project is that the most used hashtags will give you an idea of the type of issues or concerns each borough faces and consequently a pattern will emerge revealing the borough’s personality."

And that it has. As well as the three already mentioned, #BlackLivesMatter, #Changes, #Coffee and #Refugee all make an appearance on the list.

In comparison, just a short drive over in Sutton sees a very different grouping of words.

#Singing, #Charity and #Technology lead the way. the trend doesn't change when switched with Bromley either, as #Roses and #History making the top of the list.

"The thing about stereotypes though is that they are exactly that – stereotypes – and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re true," Mr Taylor said.

"While Croydon’s hashtags are quite concerning to say the least, Greenwich’s hashtags are far more rosy."

To look at the full study, go here.