A tribute month for artist Andy Warhol has seen hundreds of people take part in more than 60 walking tours around town.

Building on that success, the RISEGallery welcomed more than 7,000 visitors to see some Warhol originals.

Founder of the RISEgallery, Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison, said: “We have had visitors from all around the world and the feedback we have had has been fantastic.

“Warhol Month really has helped people to discover all that Croydon has to offer and how it has been changing over recent years.

"As well as people coming from far and wide, what has really been interesting is the number of Croydon residents joining us who don’t usually venture into the town centre.”

Hundreds of feedback forms have given an idea of what people want to see.

Comments included:

“It will make me look at Croydon in a new light.”

“It’s really great to see something so inspiring and exciting happening in Croydon.”

“I wasn’t aware of Croydon’s art scene – I’m excited by all the cultural aspects of Croydon.”

“Enjoyable and inspiring – it makes me proud to live in Croydon.”