If you found yourself walking through the heart of Croydon this week, you probably would have noticed a new mural taking shape.

Day by day, the building on the corner of Fell Road and High Street began to transform.

Now complete, Sonny, the artist behind the rhino piece, has told of its special meaning and how Croydon was the perfect place to spread the message.

"I'm painting different endangered animals to try and raise awareness for animal conservation," he said.

"Because the UK is a big supporter in stopping the horn and ivory trade, I decided that my first piece of work here would be of the rhino."

The mural is part of a bigger joint project between Sonny and Tess Cunliffe, called To The Bone.

Sonny said he searched far and wide before finally landing the perfect spot in Croydon.

"I was looking for a wall in London and at first I looked around Shoreditch but all the walls were just for a temporary use," he said.

"But I wanted the message to last as long as possible.

"I then got in contact with Kevin from RISE Gallery and he helped me get it all sorted."

Sonny hopes to get his message out through social media.

"Normally people take photos and post it, then people recognise that it’s part of the To The Bone project and from there is gains momentum."