Residents are up in arms after video emerged showing Poundland in Thornton Heath promoting "big knives" in its shopfront window, right next to the entrance.

Lorraine King posted the video on twitter on behalf of her friend Nicola Peters (who took the footage) and has sparked debate among residents and politicians alike, who are furious with Poundland's decision to display the knives in light of recent attacks in the borough.

"As I’m walking past, right in the shop window, knives, big knives right in the shop window and the door is right (next to it)," Ms Peters says in the video.

"This is a problem and I’m not happy abut it at all."

She wasn't the only one upset.

"@poundland why are you yet again selling knives in the shop window in an area which has seen ppl (sic) die from knife crime," one user said.

"Oh dear @Poundland not sure best space to advertise knives? There was a stabbing on the High St last week and a murder by knife last month," another said.

Even Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones was appalled by the decision.

"Shocking," she said. "I will write to @poundland about this. And looks like it goes against gov guidelines that @poundland have signed up to."

The guidelines Ms Jones referred to is the 'Sale of knives: voluntary agreement by retailers' which Poundland have signed up for.

Part of the agreement states that: "Retailers will ensure knives are displayed and packaged securely as appropriate to minimise risk.

"This will include retailers taking practical and proportionate action to restrict accessibility and avoid immediate use, reduce the possibility of injury, and prevent theft."

In response to this, a spokesperson for Poundland said: “Our strict policy is that knives are only sold in the home aisle, under CCTV where it's in place, and in sealed packaging.

"Any deviations from this we will address quickly – thanks for bringing it to our attention."