A woman's tale about nearly being car-jacked in Croydon has gone viral.

At first, the victim, who asked to be named only as Sapphire , thought she had run over a teenager while driving.

The next thing she knew, a group of five boys were trying to break into her car.

"It was all a blur really," the 25-year-old told the Croydon Guardian.

"I was more in shock because I thought I was going to run the boy over as it didn't feel like my car was going to stop in time.

"When it did stop I was so relieved. Then I saw the boy try the passenger door handle and I felt more angry than shock."

In her facebook post Sapphire - who has only been driving for a year - said she slowed down to about 25mph when she saw the group of boys standing at the edge of the road.

"Before I knew it, one boy who had a light grey hoody put his hood up," she said.

"While all the other boys were looking at my car he just walked straight out in front of me without even looking either way.

"I had to do an emergency stop and when my car did come to a stop the boy put his hood down while placing his hand on the front of my car and had the biggest grin on his face.

"I looked in the left hand mirror and saw one of the other boys trying to open the back passenger door."

Luckily for Sapphire, the group couldn't get in.

"My doors are always always locked when I drive as my instructor luckily taught me to do so," she said.

"The next thing I know the boy who I nearly run over is telling me to just drive on.

"I drove away, and I've informed the police - I just can't remember what the road was called.

"It's bad enough if you ever have to emergency stop, but imagine if my doors weren't locked. Imagine if I didn't have enough time to stop.

"Please tell or share with any drivers you may know, and always drive with your doors locked. No matter if it's a two minute or two hour drive and no matter who you're with."