Some saw family businesses destroyed. Others helped in the destruction.

But from the ashes of the 2011 London Riots, a Croydon success story was born.

Prince Choudary was just 16 at the time of the attacks and saw the town he loved go up in flames.

"I was born and bred in Croydon and I just thought 'this can't happen," he said.

"The youths were animals. At that point the young were being mislead and so I just wanted to guide them."

And guide them he has.

He wanted to stop teenagers seeing gangs as a path to success.

In wake of the attacks, Mr Choudary set up a football club - AC London - in an effort to bring people from different backgrounds together for one common goal.

"Some people I grew up with were arrested (for the riots) and one of my players was arrested just after he joined the club," Mr Choudary said.

"For me it's about going above and beyond for my guys. Some see me as a father figure so I want to be able to help them with any life decision they might have and keep them out of trouble."

At one point, the club boasted representation of more than 16 nationalities.

Now the players are fighting for something else; the chance at FA Cup glory.

In 2011 the Croydon club didn't exist. Now they're winning games in the FA Cup.

"A lot of our players were criminals," Mr Choudary said.

"12 players were directly charged after the riots.

"Now it's not necessarily about wining or losing, it's about enjoying the moment.

"The main aim is to break down barriers in society and pave the way to a better future."

Chairman, coach, secretary, you name it and that's probably Mr Choudary's role.

The youngest ever FA Cup manager hopes as they advance further in the tournament, the more the club can grow and provide for Croydon.

"I've got players who want to play, but I've had to turn them away because I just can't manage by myself," Mr Choudary said.

"Hopefully we get some more volunteers come to the club and we can continue to provide for the community."

In the first match of the extra preliminary round, AC London beat Crawley Down Gatwick 3-2. The club's campaign will continue on Friday, August 18.

The extra preliminary round which AC London are in features 370 teams who will have to win six games if they are to advance to the first round in November. One win down, a lifetime to go.