Anti-Muslim graffiti was spotted this week in Beddington Park.

Sutton Council promptly removed the graffiti before lunch-time on Monday (July 17).

“Moslems out,” followed by a suspected Arabic term, appears to have been chalked onto the pavement.

Tell MAMA, an organisation where anti-Muslim abuse is reported, were sent photographs of the incident.

Director of Tell MAMA, Iman Atta, told Sutton Guardian: “The graffiti in Beddington Park is concerning. It is concerning that someone is attempting to push out local Muslims from enjoying the simple pleasures of a park and it is concerning that the person also uses the Arabic term for ‘Kafir’.

“This is a clear indicator of someone who is ideologically anti-Muslim and who has more than likely, consumed extremist far right material since this is a key indicator term for someone who is ideologically driven. So this is concerning and if the person is caught, the background to their ideological thinking on this matter should be investigated. We cannot have such extremist rhetoric and hatred divide peaceful law abiding communities.”

This is the latest incident of anti-Muslim graffiti in Sutton after vandals targeted Sutton Islamic Centre on Oakhill Road in June.