The infamous Croydon Cat Killer appears to have struck in Sutton.

Police were called to the area after an animal was found dead on Friday (June 2).

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), a rescue and rehabilitation service, reported that the injuries to the cat were “a signature move” of the UK Animal Killer – another name for the so-called Croydon Cat Killer.

SNARL don’t release specific details to the media or public about injuries in order to avoid the same method being employed by someone else.

Operation Takahe is the name of the police investigation that was set up in 2015.

Boudicca Rising, a representative of SNARL, told Sutton Guardian: “The perpetrator is very, very difficult to catch.”

“We are relying on people just to keep their eyes open.”

Ms Rising assured the public to not hesitate in reporting these incidents.

She said: “We would encourage people to call 101. We understand that people are very apprehensive about wasting police time but in this case it is an absolute must to report this.”

According to Ms Rising the police have been “outstanding” in dealing with the issue, particularly for the Surrey Police and the Met.