A new school with an emphasis on sporting excellence is preparing to open in South Croydon next year.

Coombe Wood School has been approved by the Department for Education and the Educational Funding Agency as a secondary school for both boys and girls.

While the aim of the school – which is set to open in September 2018 - is said to “support children who attend local primary schools, those who live closest and those who have an Educational Health Care Plan or who are Looked After,” it will also place a value on sporting ability.

Ten per cent of the school’s admittance will be based on a sporting aptitude assessment which hopes to identify young children who would benefit from attending a school with enhanced sports facilities.

Specifically, the school will look at students involved in cycling, dance, futsal and football.

The proposed location of the school is on Coombe Road Playing Fields which is opposite Lloyd Park. This site was designated by Croydon Council as outlined in the Croydon Local Plan.