An Islamic centre in Sutton was reportedly vandalised in the early hours of Sunday morning following the London terror attack on Saturday night that resulted in seven deaths.

“Terrorize your own country,” appears to have been sprayed onto the wall of Sutton Islamic Centre in Oakhill Road.

Images posted on Twitter by a user known Sham show a police van parked outside the building and black spray paint, with another message which says 'go away'.

The grafitti has now been removed.

Metropolitan Police spokesman Rob Singh said: "Police in Sutton have completed a report for racially aggravated criminal damage after a mosque in Oakhill Hill was daubed with Islamophobic graffiti on Sunday, 4 June.

"No arrests have been made. Reassurance patrols are taking place throughout the borough."

Iman A Atta, of Tell MAMA, an organisation where anti-Muslim abuse is reported, told Sutton Guardian: “This is not the first anti-Muslim incident taking place in Sutton. The graffiti listed on Sutton Islamic Centre is in reaction to the horrific terrorist incident in London.

“The Police are investigating this incident further. We urge the Muslim communities to remain vigilant.”

Sutton Guardian has contacted the Sutton Islamic Centre for a comment.