A woman has shared her shock after reporting a ‘suspicious item’ to TFL staff, only to receive an ‘abrasive’ response.

Debbie Francis, from Kenley, was on a weekly commute from Waddon to London Victoria at around 6pm on Thursday, April 27, when she spotted a carrier bag with bulky objects inside it.

In a complaint to TfL, Ms Francis wrote: "I asked the passengers in the seat in front if it belonged to them. It did not, I was very concerned as no other passengers were near by. I believe the bag contained a large glass jar and two smaller jars. As the train stopped at West Croydon I called the member of staff on the platform without actually getting off the train. I explained the bag was unattended. I wasn't really sure what to do."

She reported the item one stop later at West Croydon to platform staff where she was allegedly told: “I don’t want to get involved in any bag that belongs to somebody else.”

Ms Francis said the staff member closed the train door as she tried to get the bag, and became ‘agitated’ and ‘abrasive’ during the discussion.

The business support assistant said: “It could be anything in the carrier bag. It’s a shame that no one else around noticed it. If it was an item that was more serious then what would be the procedure be? In this day and age with all this terrorism it should have been handled differently. I wouldn’t expect that response”

In a response to Ms Francis' complaint, TfL said: "Your comments regarding the response you received when you approached a member of staff at West Croydon station have been noted and passed to the station's management team.

"We are unable to advise you of the outcome of your email as the management team at the station will address your complaint as staff conduct therefore, due to confidentiality rules we are unable to advise you of the outcome."

Deputy Operations Director for London Overground at TfL, Duncan Cross, told Croydon Guardian: “The safety and security of our customers is our top priority. All our staff receive comprehensive customer service training which includes how to deal with lost property and security concerns. We are urgently investigating the customer’s concerns about reporting an item at West Croydon station.”