A new café will be a game-changer in Croydon town.

The Ludoquist, which will open near Surrey Street market, will feature exclusively board games, cake and coffee when it launches this summer.

The family business is run by Nick and Carraie Smith, who started the company after getting tired of “staring at screens.”

Nick, who currently owns an IT company in Croydon, said: “I have been playing games for many years, I reached a point in life where I spending a lot of time staring at screens, computers, iPhones and iPads. I thought I wanted to interact with people openly.”

The board game café, which is self-funded, will feature over 700 popular board games.

The-49-year-old said: “My wife and I are self-funding the cafe, and opened it to interact with other people. It is a way to sit down and have fun and talk to people all over again, where people can laugh and work together, they are more of a social experiment.”