An environmental campaigner was ejected from a planning meeting for disrupting proceedings on the fourth anniversary of the council’s approval of the Beddington incinerator.

Green Party parliamentary hopeful Shasha Khan presented chairwoman Samantha Bourne with a cartoon slamming the council’s decision and disturbed proceedings before he was escorted out from the Civic Offices by council security.

Justin Wyatt’s cartoon, titled Hall of Shame, depicted five people facing a gallery wall on which details about the previous vote is written.

It read: “To mark the fourth anniversary of the fateful decision when five residents of Sutton, elected as councillors to represent their area, turned their back on their friends and neighbours approved a £1billion incinerator in a nature reserve in Beddington.”

The cartoon then lists the councillors who voted in favour.

After he was expelled Mr Khan said: “I have been fighting this incinerator for years. We are getting a lot of reports of poor air quality in London and I wanted to raise this issue and on the fourth anniversary of the decision.

“I didn’t know that I was going to get in with the picture, which was pretty big, but I wasn’t even checked.”

Following Wednesday’s meeting a council spokesman said: "Committee procedures are clear about how members of the public should behave at meetings held in public.

“These procedures are in place to ensure that residents who have submitted agenda items are able to have their concerns listened to and discussed. Mr Khan was asked to stop disrupting the busy meeting so that the committee could discuss issues that were submitted by residents via the correct channels.

“The council has a duty to the public, as well as a legal obligation, to make sure that public committees are held properly. We would be failing our residents were we to allow meetings to be disrupted."

The Carshalton and Wallington candidate, who aims to unseat Lib Dem Tom Brake on June 8, has long claimed the structure will pollute the surrounding area and damage residents’ health. Incinerator behemoth Viridor denies the accusations.

Mr Khan also raised questions over the council’s relationship with Viridor after it was revealed the company had donated £250,000 to Holy Trinity Church, in Wallington, which has connections to the Sutton Lib Dems.