An armoured transit van has been raided as it transported money to Carsalton Post Office earlier this afternoon.

Police were called to Beacon Grove to reports of a cash and transit robbery at 12.32pm on Tuesday, April 25.

A witness said: “I walked from Grove Park to the village and saw the van with the back open. I saw two officers interviewing two members of the public, one of them said the robbers had ran past ATS, the tyre place on the high street.

“Officers were inspecting the van and making notes and when an old woman asked what happened they said there had been a robbery and that there were no injuries.”

Officers that no one had been injured during the robbery and that no one had been arrested in connection with the crime.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman did not reveal how much money was taken before the offenders made off and did not provide any further information.

The Sutton Guardian has attempted to contact the Post Office for comment.

If you have any information call Sutton police on 101.