Former Sutton United stopper Wayne Shaw challenged the Sutton Guardian reporter to a Mexican standoff of epic portions and the result wasn’t pretty.

The ‘roly-poly’ goalie demanded Anders Anglesey take on the Tombstone challenge at Wimbledon’s Chimichanga Tex Mex restaurant, in The Broadway, and prove he had the stomach worthy of his Viking ancestors.

To complete the task would mean the reporter would have to hack away and eat chicken wings, pork ribs, beans, coleslaw, chilli con carne and chips within 20 minutes.

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The Tombstone challenge

The ex-U’s goalkeeper previously only took only 17 minutes and 31 seconds to lick his plate clean.

But Anders ‘the Ready’ knew his forebears had kept themselves well fed in North America and that he could handle the cuisine of the southern part of the continent.

After butting heads with the former keeper, Anders ‘the Great’ joined fellow competitors Sun hack Jamie Sanderson and personal trainer Dyl Salamon at the table to prepare for the challenge ahead.

On the plates in front of him were chicken wings, pork ribs, beans, coleslaw, chilli con carne and chips. It would be an easy task…surely.

Calling on the spirit of his ancestors, Anders ‘the Valiant’ let out a battle cry before he demolished the wings, the ribs and coleslaw keeping in line with the other competitors.

The bearded brute was briefly staggered when the weight of the food hit his stomach, but he rallied and raided the coleslaw before pillaging the beans.

Confidence ran through the Swede’s veins and boasted the food ‘was going down well.’ Then came the announcement.

A visibly sweating Wayne had completed the challenge beating his own time by almost nine minutes.

But it made no difference as the Swede continued his charge into the fray like a berserker attempting to demolish everything in his immediate way.

He met initial success against the chilli, but the Northman ground to a halt when he met the phalanx of chips during the heated encounter.

Wayne ‘the Warrior’ offered encouragement and said: “Just hang in there.”

He fought valiantly, however, the fries proved a formidable foe and before Anders ‘full belly’ embarrassed himself further he heroically raised the white napkin of surrender.

There would be no Valhalla for the defeated Scandinavian, but he would find the rest room.

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