Sutton householders have said cases of fly-tipping has increased after the council handed over refuse collections to a waste management company.

Residents said more household waste, including furniture and building materials being had been dumped across the borough after Veolia introduced mainly fortnightly collections on Saturday, April 1.

Wallington resident Mark Perry, 46, also said he believed there had been an increase in fly-tipping in the area in the past three weeks.

He added: “There has always been fly-tipping in Sutton, but it has gotten noticeably worse in the past six to nine months and since the new collections started.

“There are bed frames and washing machines across Wallington and, even though there has been an improvement with collections, there are still areas where rubbish has not been removed or collected.”

Councillor Tim Crowley, leader of the Conservative opposition at Sutton Council, said: “I get regular calls about fly-tipping as do other Conservative councillors so it is something that seems to be happening across the borough rather than just one area.

“People are getting frustrated as they have nowhere to put their rubbish and even though fly-tipping is bad I would not criticise people who want something to be done about this problem.

“This council always goes on about how great a borough it is and yet they have not prosecuted people for fly-tipping in the past seven years and seem more concerned to fine someone for dropping a cigarette butt in the High Street.”

Sutton Council has been approached for comment regarding Mr Crowley’s claim.

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