A schoolgirl was hit by a car as it was ‘overtaking a lorry’ in a busy Wallington road.

Police were called to Acre Lane to reports that a silver coloured car had struck a girl before driving off at about 2.50pm on Monday, April 10.

The 13-year-old injured her arm during the collision and was treated by paramedics shortly afterwards.

Officers confirmed the driver had fled after they hit the girl.

Ros Carney, who said she knows the victim, said the teenager was ‘shocked’ and developed ‘dreadful bruising’ following the accident.

Commenting on the Wallington Facebook group she said: “The car, which was overtaking a lorry that had stopped for the girl, flung her into the air and drove off.

“Wittnesses were more concerned about the girl’s wellbeing than getting the registration number and police are scouring though CCTV in the area to try and find the driver.

“Amazingly the girl is not seriously injured but is, of course, still shocked and has dreadful bruising.

“I can’t believe how someone can hit a child and drive off not even knowing how badly she’s been hurt.”

Police are continuing with their investigation.