The council introduced a new bin collection service earlier this month, but many residents were left upset happy following a chaotic first week for the scheme.

Thousands of householders across the borough were stunned to find new bins had not been delivered, or had not been taken after waste management company Veolia took over collections on Saturday, April 1.

Previously the council operated a weekly service, but handed over duties to Veolia in a bid to save taxpayers about £10million over the next eight years.

The new closed-lid policy meant households were given five bins of varying sizes that will be collected weekly or fortnightly. However, any bags left next to, or on top of the bins would not be taken.

But following the changes the Sutton Guardian was inundated with hundreds of complaints about the new mainly fortnightly collections.

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Joan Goldsmith said: “We waited a full week for our recycling and food waste to be collected and are not happy.

“Sutton Council’s phone line had about 25 waiting calls and the service update page said on Friday bins would be emptied by the end of Saturday and that extra crews would be employed.

Having walked around roads between Sutton and Cheam stations I failed to see a dustcart or any sign bins being emptied.We are now being told bins will be emptied on their next due day.”

Sue Walsh added: “The whole system is ridiculous. The new green recycling boxes are totally inadequate, I had filled it within three days. It is impractical to store the number of boxes I will need for my recycling so I have asked the council for another wheelie bin, but have had no response.

“My large brown bin should have been collected last Wednesday, but despite reporting that it had not been collected to the council. On Monday all my brown bins and garden waste bins are still littering my street awaiting collection.

“I am now using black sacks because I have no other means of storing the refuse.”

Using the #Suttonbinshame hashtag people shared photos of strewn rubbish outside their homes.

Others shared images and videos of hundreds of residents queuing to collect additional green recycling boxes at B&Q in Sutton Court Road on Saturday, April 8.

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