Nearly a week on from the attack that saw an asylum seeker badly beaten, locals have gathered today, (April 6) at the spot where it happened to show that ‘this is not what Croydon is’.

The Croydon Young Refugee Network, organised a moments silence in partnership with Young Roots, an organisation that work with refugees and asylum seekers in South London.

Jo Cobley, Director  of Young Roots said; “When there’s been so much upset and shock and on the attack with the asylum seeker, we come together, to show that this is not what Croydon is. We want to show that Croydon is welcoming, that we welcome refugees.”

The 17 year old boy is currently recovering in hospital. His injuries include a fractured spine and a bleed on the brain.

The group also tied orange ribbons - the colour of the Olympic Games Refugee team.

So far, 16 people have been charged in connection with the incident, which happened on Shrubland Road, Shirley.

A statement on the Croydon Young Refugee Network Facebook page read:
We are ashamed and saddened at this demonstration of hatred on our doorstep, we admire the courage of those who went to help him and are grateful for subsequent expressions of support.

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