Clapham Junction could be on the Tube map in time for the 2012 Olympics, Martin Linton MP claimed, as he stepped up his campaign to bring the underground to Battersea.

The Battersea MP took part in a debate in Westminster Hall to put pressure on transport and treasury ministers to fund the extension of the East London line to Clapham Junction.

It followed his lobbying of former Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander in Parliament on June 19.

He urged Mr Alexander to lean on his Treasury colleagues to ensure the line extension was completed.

For the plans to come into fruition, the Treasury will have to give enough money to Transport for London (TfL) to fund the 100million scheme linking Battersea and Docklands.

Mr Linton said the East London Line Extension Phase 2 was vital for south London to: Draw more visitors and tourists to attractions such as Battersea Arts Centre, which many north Londoners struggle to find because it is not on the tube.

Make it easier to travel around London.

Speed up access to Docklands and the Olympics and help regenerate North Battersea.

Mr Linton said: "I've been pressing for Clapham Junction to be linked to the Tube in time for the Olympics, and TfL now has a plan that would mean the line was operational nine months before they start.

"But of course they will only be able to do this if they get a sufficient capital grant from the Treasury, which is why I'm making sure ministers know what a strong case there is for the East London line."

Battersea councillors welcomed Mr Linton's move to rehabilitate the campaign.

Northcote councillor Philip Beddows said: "This should have happened years ago. It's one of the most appalling gaps in London's transport system."