Wandsworth Bridge could soon become an iconic landmark with multi-coloured "flames" after a proposal by architect Steven Lenczner was finally given the go-ahead.

The most eye-catching feature of the planned transformation would be 40ft glass cone-shaped "flames" which would be controlled by computers to change colour with the tides.

"This steel bridge is probably the least noteworthy bridge in London," said Mr Lenczner, whose studio is in Trinity Road, Wandsworth. "So I think this could be great for drivers, pedestrians and for London.

"It's not just a sculpture. Between the hours of dusk and midnight it will illuminate so that at low tide it will be a low turquoise but it will go through a spectrum to deep purple by high tide, creating a higher public awareness and emotional relationship with the river each time they cross the bridge, creating an uplifting experience.

"It's tied in with the forces of nature which these days I think is really relevant."

The architect first came up with his vision more than two-and-a-half years ago, inspired by having to commute across the bridge everyday from his Fulham home.

The project was quickly approved by a hugely enthusiastic Wandsworth Council, but Hammersmith and Fulham Council proved harder to impress. The application eventually went to appeal and the planning inspector found on his side at the end of last month.

Now Mr Lenczner just has to find a sponsor willing to pick up the 800,000 bill, but is confident one will turn up. "As landmarks go that's not that expensive," he said.