A new local Charity that aims to become the UK’s national umbrella bereavement charity is holding a fundraising event this weekend.

The Good Grief Trust, supported by Big Yellow Self Storage Wandsworth, will host its 'Bag a Bargain' sale event this Saturday February 4 at St. Anselm's Church.

After charity founder Linda Magistris announced the event, she found that offers of donations were flooding in.

She made a plea on Twitter to find a place to store the items, to which Big Yellow Self Storage responded and donated 100sq ft of free space.  

Linda, who was part of the original Grange Hill cast, lost her partner Graham to a rare cancer in 2014 which inspired her to create the charity. 

She said: "When my partner passed away, I discovered gaping holes in our bereavement support net across the country, so four months ago decided to do something in the hope of helping others. 

"We are extremely grateful to Big Yellow for supporting us with the storage; it will make a huge difference to our profits and makes it so much simpler for people to donate their unwanted goodies."

Nick O’Sullivan, Store Manager at Big Yellow Wandsworth, said: "Linda has been a customer of our store for quite some time, so when we heard of her need for charity storage, we really wanted to offer our services.

"We’re always looking for ways we can help support the local community, and we hope providing Linda with some free storage will help take some of the weight off her shoulders ahead of her great event this weekend."

The event will take place from 11am to 3pm on Saturday February 4 at St. Anselm's Church, Old Hall, Balham High Rd.

"Good quality" donations are wanted. For more information or to make a donation please visit gofundme site.