Plastic bottles, drinks cans and waste bags discarded by commuters are now visible from homes beside Hampton Wick station after the trees and bushes once hiding them were cut down.

Earlier this month Network Rail, which is responsible for infrastructure in and around stations, chopped down the vegetation but neglected to remove the rubbish left by years of commuters littering.

Network Rail spokesman Owen Johns said on Wednesday, January 18 a team would return to clear the mess, but is yet to do so.

John McKeever, whose garden backs onto one of the platforms at Hampton Wick station, said: “The aim, apparently, was to make the station look smarter.

“Unfortunately, this work has also uncovered years of refuse thrown on to the banking from the platform.

“The undergrowth and the trees were more pleasant to look at than this. It would be nice if they planted some flowers now to cover it up.

"It's not pleasant on the eye. It's an eyesore."

Mr McKeever also said his garden is now more visible from the station platform without the protection of the trees.

Mr Johns said: “Littering is a blight on the railway and those that litter are a menace.

"Clearing rubbish from railway land takes time and costs money, and with more than 11,000 miles of railway to look after, Network Rail is constantly battling to keep the land clear.

“Any other incidents of littering on the railway can be reported to our 24-hour helpline on 03457 11 41 41."