A child’s severe health issues may have been caused by exposure to mould that a housing association is accused of ignoring for more than a year.

Kellie Hall and her partner Dean Sherwan have been living in a flat in Purley with a serious mould problem and a leak in one of the ceilings for nearly two years.

It was not until their son Logan was born and began suffering from chest infections that the couple became very anxious about the situation.

Ms Hall said she and Dean were "really depressed" about the situation and felt like they were being "fobbed off" by L&Q.

Dean said: "Sometimes I feel like giving up on everything."

Susan Humphrey, a health advisor from Parkway Health Centre, stated in a letter that she was worried for the health of the family, "especially Logan".

She said: "Babies and children and more sensitive to the effect of damp and mould.

"Mould produces substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash.

"Damp and mould increase the possibility of respiratory problems, such as respiratory infections, allergies, asthma and can also affect the immune system."

Mr Sherwan and Ms Hall have complained to their housing association L&Q numerous times to get the mould problem fixed.

After being approached recently by the Croydon Guardian, L&Q contacted the couple and did an assessment which revealed there could be asbestos in the front room ceiling.

An L&Q spokesperson said: "We understand Ms Hall’s concerns and would like to reassure her that L&Q is dedicated to ensuring her family has a warm, safe and comfortable home.

"When we were first informed of potential water penetration in January 2016 we promptly undertook repair work to the roof and resolved the issue.

"Subsequent investigations by our surveyors, one of which was conducted today (12/01/17), have consistently pointed to condensation being the cause of any remaining damp and mould, which is contractually the responsibility of the resident.

"Following our investigation however, we have offered to treat the mould, send experts to provide advice preventing condensation and additionally assess the property for increased roof insulation and a mechanical extraction fan.

"Artext ceiling finishes from this period can potentially contain very minimal amounts of asbestos, which our expert asbestos contractors recommend as safe to be left in properties so long as it is carefully managed."

However, Mr Sherwan has said that L&Q simply left extractor fans in the flat to reduce moisture and Kellie and Dean were told they had to clean the mould themselves.

Your Local Guardian:

One of the extractor fans left in the house

Your Local Guardian:

Cleaning bucket left for Kellie and Dean to clean the mould

The couple also deny that anyone came around to fix their leak last year.