More than half of British workers get significantly less work done in winter, according to new research.

Rain, darkness and general gloom appear to be to blame with employees in the study, from British Summer Fruits, consistently reporting lower outputs in the winter compared to the summer.

More than two thirds of participants believe they are less productive in winter and 69 per cent have less energy and are less creative.

It may be hard to stick to those New Year resolutions as 66 per cent of workers are more likely to comfort eat.

Only 12 per cent of those polled believe they work better in the winter than during the summer months.

However, researchers have found that to feel 100 per cent productive during the winter months, we simply need to work less - and it appears to work.

Some companies in Sweden have even implemented a six-hour work day all year round.

Toyota centres in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, did so 13 years ago and have seen increases in profit as well as staff well-being.

No wonder Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world.

The opportunity to get fresh air during the day, flexible working hours and getting a good night’s sleep are all conducive to having a more productive working day.

Exercise and access to healthy snacks at work also have a positive impact on productivity.

The UK’s leading food psychologist behind Channel 4’s Secret Eaters, Dr Christy Fergusson, said: “Relying on high sugar foods, biscuits and crisps to keep us going can leave us riding the blood sugar rollercoaster.

"We feel buzzed for a spell but soon our energy, concentration and mood can plummet."

Laurence Olins, chairman of British Summer Fruits, said: "There are several factors which contribute to workers feeling less productive and research suggests the change in seasons plays its part.

"More employers could encourage their staff to adopt a healthier diet, providing greater access to fruit in the office to prevent people reaching for sugary confectionery, particularly in these cold winter months."

Top 10 reasons workers are less productive during the winter months:

1. The darker/dimmer/gloomy light makes me feel sleepy / I find it hard to concentrate
2. If it is dark outside I just want to go home
3. The office is too cold / too hot to concentrate
4. I have lower energy levels in general
5. Dark or rainy days negatively affect my mood
6. I am more likely to feel ill
7. I exercise less so feel sluggish and lethargic when at work
8. My commute takes longer
9. There are more treats and snacks around which distracts me
10. The view from the window is less inspiring