A policeman's badge, a stuffed otter and a live pet dog were among some of the lost property Young's Pubs found left behind last Christmas season. 

The survey of more than 170 Young's Pubs and Geronimo Inns pubs also unearthed bizarre items such as false teeth and a prosthetic leg. 

A flamingo-shaped beer funnel was found at the Plough in Clapham and the policeman's badge at the White Cross in Richmond. 

Top 20 lost property found at Young’s Pubs and Geronimo Inns:

1.     A policeman’s CID badge

2.     A single leather brogue shoe

3.     An umbrella shaped like a lightsaber 

4.     A brand new bag of LEGO

5.     Gift-wrapped Victoria’s Secret underwear

6.     A set of false teeth

7.     A prosthetic leg

8.     An £8,000 professional camera

9.     A new men’s suit

10.  A pair of fluffy pink handcuffs

11.  A signed copy of Paul Daniel’s autobiography

12.  A stuffed otter

13.  A child’s pram

14.  Christmas-themed underwear

15.  A pink diamante computer mouse

16.  A dog

17.  Christmas jumpers

18.  A singing turkey hat

19.  A Mulberry handbag

20.  A flamingo-shaped beer funnel

This season, Young's are encouraging people to name their most embarrassing party lossed and discoveries. 

Visit Young’s pubs on Twitter or Instagram to post with the hashtag #Misleighed for a chance to win a £500 bar tab.